The trains of the Holocaust (English) - By Hedi Enghelberg

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A look at how the European railway transport companies acted in agreement and assisted the operation of the Second and Final Phase of the Jewish Holocaust; for the implementation of the "Final Solution".

“Europe died at Auschwitz” | Sebastián Vivar Rodriguez Writer, Barcelona (Spain), receiver of the International Literatura Prize. 


THIS STUDY, is about how a modern railways system and the largest enterprise at the time, the Deutsche Reichsbahn [DRB], with its associated railways companies in each European country , before and especially after the Wannsee Conference in January 1942, contributed to the colossal scale of human beings transportation, evacuation and displacement, for the purpose and interment and slave workforces. The Nazi criminal regime (1933-1945), it’s military, civilian organizations, middle-level bureaucracy and associated dictatorial regimes all over Europe, succeeded in murdering millions of people and destroying a flourishing 900-years-old Jewish Culture in Europe. The Nazi’s goals of cashing in the gigantic financial assets stolen from the Jewish victims of the Holocaust greatly benefited them for financing an aggressive conquest war. In the process, they murdered of millions of humans across the continent: 6 millions Jews and other 20 million innocent civilians. An efficient railways system across the continent with more than 100,000 km of rail, (42,000 only in Germany proper) operated by the largest capitalist enterprise at the time, DRG, with more than 250,000 workers and a formidable 12,500 operational locomotives (KRIEGSLOKOMOTIVEN) lineup, totally sustained and assisted the Germany’s conquer wars and its formidable war machine, and as well aided the Nazi organizations in charge of the “Final Solution”. The European railway companies totally assisted the Nazis in the transportation segment by carrying out this infamous crime: The Holocaust. Without this collaboration the Holocaust could not happened on the scale we are witnessing from May 1945 until today. 

House Foreign Affairs Committee, U.S. House of Representatives, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Chairman | 

November 15, 2011. | Ros-Lehtinen Invites Holocaust Survivors to Testify on Lingering Injustices of the Holocaust. Hearing focuses on legal rights of survivors, accountability for railroad company which transported victims to death camps 

(WASHINGTON) – U.S. Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL), Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, is holding a hearing tomorrow titled “Righting the Enduring Wrongs of the Holocaust: Insurance Accountability and Rail Justice.” The hearing will focus on the injustice faced by Holocaust victims and their survivors. Many will critique how I supported the issues, but this is my point-of -view. We all know the tragic events of this aggressive war in Europe: 50 million dead, millions of injured and displaced, The Cold War and 6 million Jews murdered. It is very easy to make a critique, but we have to tell the story, in order to make sense of your civilization. The Holocaust should never happen again! 

Hedi Enghelberg March 2013, Fort Lauderdale. 

P.S. OF FEB.2015 | We have to mention the new wave of corrosive, focused, unwelcomed influence of Anti-Semitism in Europe and the many vandals and criminal attacks in France, Denmark, UK, Poland, Belgium and other place. This Anti-Semitic sentiment, felt in many structures of governments, social life and social media is a very complex process is very sui-generis, because occurs in almost a total absence, vacuum of an important presence of Jewish population in Europe.

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