Interviu la R.R.I.- Beatrice Kohlenberg

Invitată la Radio România Internaţional de către Mihaela Dincă Băjănaru, Beatrice Kohlenberg vorbeşte despre Moineşti, sărbătoarea de Pesah care se apropie şi despre Fundaţia Leolam.
O puteţi asculta aici.

An American in Moinesti -Tony Gerber

    Tony Gerber is an award-winning filmmaker who found himself in Bucharest for the One World Romania documentary film festival. After seeing Aliyah Dada, a documentary about the reality behind the Romanian Jew aliyah, and learning about Moinesti he decided to visit our city. His maternal great-grandparents were born in Moinesti and emigrated to the United States. Not sure what he was looking for other than making the  pilgrimage, Tony took the train to Bacau for what was to become a deeply touching experience. 
     Mihaela Rusu was happy to give Tony a tour of the city and surrounding areas and tell him about Leolam and our projects.
     Tony also met the Mayor of Moinesti, Viorel Ilie and the Head of Communication, Viorel Florin Costea. 

For more information about Tony Gerber, click here and here.


my mother's grandparents (not my mother's mother's grandparents)

We hope to see you back in Moinesti one day, Tony!

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