Articol pe blogul "Galician Traces"

      După vizita la Moineşti, Charlie Burns a scris un articol despre Cimitirul evreiesc pe site-ul său "Galician Traces".

Am avut un schimb de mailuri prin care i-am prezentat blogul Fundatiei Leolam, iar raspunsul a fost urmatorul:

"I am aware of the Leolam Foundation and the good work that it does in Moinesti.  As I indicated on my web site, the cemetery in Moinesti was the best cared for cemetery that I saw, and the care is superior to most of the places I have visited in Ukraine or Poland.  The members of the foundation should be very proud of their work. The caretaker family in Moinesti was also most impressive in their dedication to their work.  Good luck in your future activities."
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